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Big List O' Ideas

All the ideas I've had that I felt like writing down for the past ~ 8 years. Some of them could be practical inventions and are "just" waiting for that 95% perspiration to bring them to fruition, some are ideas for science fiction, and some are simple observations.

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Major Projects

CORTEX: a virtual world for sensate AI (2014)

My MEng thesis at MIT, which won the 2014 Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Award — 1st Place!
All code and text for the thesis is freely licensed.
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Pokémon Yellow Total Control Hack (2013)

Just by buying and rearranging certain items and pressing certain buttons in Pokémon Yellow, you can get the game into a state where you can completely reprogram it from the inside. It's the first hack of its kind, and it won multiple TAS awards »
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Small Projects
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